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Use Red & Cyan glasses to see this page created by using Anaglyph images.

Cathedral of Neuchatel, Switzerland

ColorCode3-D Plaza-----This is a ColorCode 3-D Gallery. Use ColorCode Viewers to see the stereoscopic ColoCode 3-D images.

Paleolithic Cave Arts in Northern Spain
The images of this site are Paleolithic cave paints that we shot in Northern Spain, but they are converted to stereoscopic ColorCode 3-D images by using the Depth Paint Program "StPaint" and 3D-Easy Professional. The same cave paints are shown at the Anaglyph Plaza, so you will be able to see the difference between the ColorCode 3-D and the traditional Red and Cyan Anaglyph. Comparing to the Anaglyph images, the ColorCode 3-D images looks more natural, but it might be a little harder to see the stereoscopic effect.

Ume and Nanohana
Ume and Nanohana of Tama Hills, West Tokyo. Shot waiting for the wind to stop a second.

Croccus, Viora, Sakurasou
These are shot inside to avoid the wind.

Orchid and Camellia
Orchid and Camellia shot in my house.

Tulip and lily
Tulip and lily, This tulip is what I purchased at the International Airport of Amsterdam two years ago.

JPS Plaza ------ In this site, you can enjoy various kinds of stereoscopic 3D images such as Anaglyph, Side-by-side, microPol by installing JPS plugin in your PC.
Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, Korea
This palace is built at the beginning of the Chosun Dynasty when the Yi Dynasty moved the capital to Seoul, this palace remained the main seat of power for Korea kings throughout much of the time to the present.

Photographed by Takeo Fukazawa, Texnai

Anaglyph Plaza------ Various kinds of Anaglyph images can been seen by wearing a Red & Cyan glasses.
Hadrian's Villa
The Villa built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for his own enjoyment is situated on a large plain of approximately 300 acres at the foot of the Tiburtini hills south west of Tivoli, Italy. We introduce here the variuos kinds of ruins that can be seen in the villa today in anaglyph 3D by using 3D converted map of Piranesi. The first is Maritime Theatre.

Paleolithic Cave Arts in Northern Spain
Since 1998, Texnai has been involved in digital archiving project for the Paleolithic Arts in Canatbria, Northern Spain and shot thousand of pictures in those caves. All the 3D photos are converted by using Texnai"s Depth Paint Program "StPaint" from the ordinary 2D pictures shot in those days.
  • Asturias:Tito Bustillo, Buxu, El Pindal
  • Cantabria: Altamira, El Castillo, Las Chimeneas, Chufin, Pasiega, Las Monedas, El Pendo, Santian, La Garma
  • Basque: Ekain, Santimamine, Arenaza

Cherry Blossoms
In the Mishima campas of National Institute of Genetics are planted more than 260 kinds of Cherry that are originally collected by Dr.You Takenaka who is well known for his research on the origin of Someiyoshino. We introduce here a couple of double cherry blossoms shot in 3D this spring and the cherry blossoms of Western Tokyo.
  • Double cherry blossoms of National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan
  • Cherry blossoms of Western Tokyo, Japan

Ancient Roman Cities around the Neuchatel Lake, Suisse
This is a Muse 3D slideshow created as a photographic report on the 47th annual congress of Hugo Obermaier Geselleshaft, a German archeological society of prehistory.
  • Avenches, a Roman capital of Helvetica
  • Neuchatel, Capital of Canton Neuchatel
  • Boudry & Colombier
  • Neanderthal cave Cotencher
  • Cortaillod, a village since Bronze Age
  • Morat-Murten, Petit Bern

Ancient Rome

Working...., Photographed by Giuseeppe Stuto, Texnai Italia

Italian Holidays

Working...., Photographed by Giuseeppe Stuto, Texnai Italia
  • Venezia
  • Rome
  • Pompeii
  • Naples

Tounai's Jomon Potteries, Idojiri Archeological Museum

At the Idojiri Archeological Museum located in Nagano Prefecture, about100km west from Tokyo are exhibited a quite bit masterpieces of Jomon Potteries that are created during the middle Neolithic period of Japan. We introduce here the12 pieces in anaglyph selecting from them.
In these images are included 4 Stereoscopic QuickTimeVR movies. Enjoy the beauty of Jompn Potteries of Japan.

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