AutoQTVRstd Installation

AutoQTVRstd consists of a T-type camera arm rotator and a turn tabel rotator.

AutoQTVRstd realizes omniview shootings with the combination of vertical and horizontal rotations of the T-type camera arm and the object turn table.
  • The object turn table is removable from the stepping motor.
  • T-type camera arm is removable from the vertical rotator and it dismantles easily.

1: Fixing the vertical rotation camera arm with the vertical rotato 2: You can adjust the distance between camera and shooting object by sdjusting the fixing position of the camera arm. 3: Fixing the camera arm with the vertical rotation arm to assemble the T-type camera arm.
4: Adjusting the total balance of the equipments in front of the back sheet. 5: Adjusting the height of back sheet as well. 6: Fixing the camera mount on the camera arm.
7: Fixing the digital camera and ready to test shooting.... 8: Adjusting the positions of the turn table and the digital camera. This positioning is very important because the final movement of object in the QTVR movie depends on how exactly the center of shooting target is put at the crossing point of the two rotation axis and the optical axis of the camera. 9: Starting the test shooting after the rotators and the computer and the digital camera are connected by RS-232C and Firewire cable.
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