QTVR Image Database Management Program for Windows & Macintosh

Texnai offers various kinds of QTVR image database customizations.

The LaserFileIV/VR is a QTVR image database management program designed for PowerMacintosh and Windows PC as an application of ACI's 4th Dimension.
It is originally developed for creating a database of QTVR object movies with its high resolution still images, but it has been basically designed as a multi-medea database, you can make archives of various kinds of digital contents such as motion pictures and sounds . The main functions are "Data registration", "Data modification" "Search", "Information display" "List display", "Image gallery display", etc. Texnai accepets any kind customization.

System requirement: Windows98SE/2000/XP/NT, Mac OS 8/9/X

[Fig. right]Gallery window sampleiArcheological image databasej. When selecting one of the gallery, the information widow or the image are displayed.

Information window sample
This is the main display to show contents of current record and from which you can open two QTVR object movies and two high resolution still images. The user interfaces of "Data input", "Data modification" and "Search" are designed almost simular to this main display window.
QTVR display window sample
This is a window to dispaly a QTVR object movie related to currently selected record. In this window, you can enjoy the interactive omniview image of the selected material.
JPEG display window
This is a window to display still image. Even from this window, you can open the QTVR object movie.

Main application sample of LaserFileIV_VR
  • 1996~:QTVR image database of Jomon Potteries/ Idojiri Archeological Museum, Nagano, Japan
  • 1997~:QTVR image database for Archeological materilas/ Univ. of Tokyo
  • 1997~1999: QTVR image database for Cultural Heritage/ International Research Center of Japanese Culture, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 1997~1999:Pompeii Multimedia Encyclopedia/ Univ. of Tokyo
  • 1997~1999: PhotoVR Multimedia Database "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain"/Texnai & Unic. of Cantabria
  • 2001~2002: QTVR image database for Fashion / IM
  • 2002~: QTVR image database for Archeological Material/Keio Univ.
  • 2003~:DVD-ROM Publication: PhotoVR Multimedia Database "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain"/Texnai, University of Cantabria, Government of Cantanbria"
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