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Photo Archives: Paleolithic Art in Northern Spain


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  • 24 photos(about1280x1000,1470x980/JPEG) .
  • Commentary by César González Sainz & Roberto Cacho Toca, Univ. of Cantabria.
  • Royality Free for private and educational use.
In this downloadable photo archives are contained 9 photos of Paleolithic cave art of Covalanas cave with the archeological data and commentary as shown in this preview pages. Only the small sized reference images and a part of commentary are shown in this preview edition, but if you are interested to see more and to use these photos, please go to Kagi store and purchase the data package. Once payment has been made at the Kagi store, you will receive an e-mail containing the URL to download the data package. All photos that are contained in this package are ROYALITY FREE for private and educational use.


Covalanas is situated on the N.E. side of the hill known as Monte Haza or Pando, at 320 above sea level, overlooking the steep-sided inland valley of a tributary of the River Asón. It is, without doubt, the most interesting of the caves with Paleolithic cave art in Ramales de la Victoria; a group which also includes the caves of La Cullalvera, La Haza and El Mirón. These four caves can be added to other caves in the near vicinity, with which they sometimes show a close artistic and chronological relationship, namely Morro, Pondra, Arco B-C, Arco A, Sotarriza and Venta de la Perra. This second cluster of sites is found in the gorge of the River Carranza, another tributary of the Asón, and all except the last one, which lies within the province of Vizcaya, belong to the same municipal district of Ramales, in Cantabria.



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Photographed by Takeo Fukazawa & Co-Project Team of Texnai Inc. and the University of Cantabria
Commentary by César González Sainz & Roberto Cacho Toca, Univ. of Cantabria

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