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Update:December 15, 2017

Computer controlled 360 degree shooting system for creating ObjectVR movies.

Stereo3D Gallery

Anaglyph Plaza Index
Paleolithic Art in Cantabria

All the 3D pics in this gallery are converted from ordinary 2D photos by using Texnai 3D depth paint program "StPaint".

Hadrian's Villa
Cherry Blossoms
Trip to Neuchatel, Swisse

Hugo Obermaier Society
International Congress 2005- Neuchatel, Suisse -

・Ancient Roman City "Avenches"
・Gigantic rock of Ice Age "Pierre a bot"
・Neanderthal Cave "Cotencher"
・Lake of Biel'
・Cortaillod Village
・Layer of Ice Age
・Paleolithic ruin "Wauwil"
・Ice Age Lake "Garzensee"
・Old Neuchatel
・Latenium Archeological Museum
AZ Rotator
Syrian Venus

"Texnai" is originally a Greek word of "Technik" or "Technique". Till B.C.3, it had meant both the art as an imitation technique and all other technique. It is the technique to create some structures by using the best means for certain purposes. So Medical Art, Architecture, Strategy, Political Art, Salvasion Art, Debating Art, Cooking, Magic, Astrology, Literature, and so on were all found as one of " Texnai". Texnai was established by a small group of artists and enginners to enjoy all these "Texnai".
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Download Photo Archives

"Paleolithic Art in Northern Spain"

This is a series of download version of Texnai's PhotoVR database of "Paleolithic Art in Northern Spain". About 22 caves are scheduled to be published this summer and all photos and the archeological commentary contained in the download package are Royality Free for any private and educational use.


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